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Between the green heart and the coastal hills of the ancient Cilento region – today a National Park in southern Italy – Agricola Infante farm has for decades been upholding a long family tradition of working the land with a deep respect for its times and with minimal interference in natural cycles.
Among lively olive trees and centuries-old chestnut trees.


Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil Cilento DOP

Organic Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil Cilento DOP – 500 ml/16.9 fl oz
19,90 USD / 15.90 GBP / 17.90 EUR

Superior category olive oil, Cilento DOP (PDO - Protected Designation of Origin) entirely made in the Cilento National Park from early ripened organic olives. Our olives are grown, harvested and picked in the “Lavanghe” area, close to the village of Gorga. This first product is a tribute to an inner, ancient place, where the polyphenolic herbaceous notes speak of the green wilderness where the Mediterranean scrub meets the southern Apennines.

Polyphenol content: 677mg / Kg

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Center of the mediterranean

The ancient area that preserves the roots of our trees. And ours.

Cilento. The area we come from since ancestral times has a thousand-year history and it has experienced the presence of both Mediterranean and Northern European populations: Greeks, Lucanians, Romans and then Byzantines, Saracens, Longobards and Normans.
The “Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano ed Alburni” includes southern Campania almost entirely, while the original area that was called “Cilento” around the first millennium A.D. referred to a much smaller place. The slopes of Monte Stella – formerly called “Monte Cilento” or “Cilento mountain” – and its villages formed its very heart, which over time was extended to the adjacent Alento river valley as “Higher Cilento”.
Here, standing on a white mountain peak one can see, at a very short distance below, the warm sands and cliffs on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A complex microclimate, its vast biodiversity and the richness of its history: this is what makes this area unique.

The farm

A small company made up of ancient simplicity and contemporary essentiality

Located for one half among chestnut groves and for the other half on hills caressed by the sea breeze, Agricola Infante calls these pristine lands of the Cilento national park its home.
We grow chestnut and olive trees in contiguous environments, yet at different heights and climatic conditions. This is what gives our crops their unique organoleptic value, and for our finely tuned blend of extravirgin olive oil, the synthesis of our ancient places is our goal.
Agricola Infante is certified organic and has traditionally employed farming techniques that respect the timings and seasons of nature, adhering to the principle of minimal interference in the life cycle of our trees.
So that through what we make, our ancestral land can truly tell you about itself.




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